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Purchasing of our programs has shown trust in Kg Magnetics, Inc. for performance and quality. For that trust there will be no charge for updates. The normal update releases will be in January.

In order to get the maximum performance out of these programs, the programs are continually updated to increase the speed and accuracy, add new functions, and add clarity for smoother operation. When the disks are updated the basic routines will not change. Because of the large number of programs, outstanding, Kg Magnetics, Inc. will not try to contact individuals for updating. It is up to each individual to contact Kg Magnetics Inc. for future upgrades. Please send the original CD with the Kg Magnetics, Inc. label for proof of purchase. There will be a charge of $10.00 in U.S. dollars per CD. Of course this charge could change, depending on economics. This charge will cover the postage, handling, wear and tear, and a special disk envelope, if required. There are no maximum number of times for updates.

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